Rock n’ Roll Decadence


Rock n’ Roll Decadence

    1. Fever



      I'm in a fever and I'm losin' control
      I'm gonna dance with the devil and play another show
      Listen to our music - Note by note
      We are Mind the Gap - We are back on the road


      Saturday night - You're sittin' in a bar
      Got a drink, got a chic - All is great so far
      Then some noise in the street, you ain't got no clue
      The scared bartender tells you what to do:

      "Hey buddy save ya girl and hide ya beer
      Keep cool, stay calm or the end is near
      Lay flat on the ground and wait help
      Beware of the dogs - The Boozecrew is here"

      You are out tonight, but you're new town
      The guy you met is such a loser and no action around
      Then the door cracks open - Who is on the run ?
      Four crazy freaks - Looks like a lot of fun

      So better stand up and get ready to go
      We're headin' for a place far away from all you know
      Where the music lives and the party never dies
      Join us babe, on our trip to paradise

      The show is over and the night is pretty hot
      My throat is fuckin' dry, so let's go have another shot
      Ridin' to a bar and we're gettin' in
      I see this girl straight from hell - The incarnation of sin

      So hey pretty babe, what's goin' on ?
      I can read it in your eyes - Yeah you know what you want
      Then your lips form words - What can it be ?
      Oh my god - What you want is me !!!

    2. Losin' My Mind


      I'm wakin' up my conscience is bad
      Tortured by dreams that makin' me mad
      I've lost all grip - I've lost all hope
      This bitter feeling is makin' me choke

      The taste of vomit - I'm not alright
      Empty bottles remind me of last night
      Again I wasted so mucht time
      Oh what went wrong ? I'm losin' my mind

      I'm all alone - cuz you're not here
      Tremendous nightmares that won't disappear
      My mood is gloomy - but I don't care
      The final step - I'm afraid to dare

      A strange perspective of reality
      Vaporized senses - I cannot see
      Too much vodka has made me blind
      Oh what went wrong ? I'm losin' my mind

    3. Rock 'n' Roll Decadence


      We are modern crusaders - the fanatic four
      We are on a mission - lead a holy war
      We have lost our minds - We got out of control
      In the name and for the glory of Rock 'N' Roll

      Right after show - you know it has been loud
      We enter the hotel with a fuckin' crowd
      The waitress under strain - the bar is under siege
      By four motherfuckers with a whisky-leech

      Don't panic motherfucker it's already too late
      We are having some fun with ya chambermaid
      Better leave us alone in our hotel room
      You better go away or it might be your doom

      Oh we are here smashin' hotel rooms and bodies are lying on the floor
      Rumors are going round but we - yeah we locked up the door
      Bitches, whisky, drugs and beer - all that has been here
      But we just hit the road and fuckin' disappear

    4. Wastin' Your Time


      In your eyes I'm just a deadbeat - no behaviour, no gain
      A bad example for the children, so I'd better be ashamed
      Yeah I'm wastin' my time, 'cuz I live for the rock
      I'm an antisocial rebel - My old granma would be shocked

      Better cut your hair - Better get a real job
      All your fuckin' good advice will never make me stop
      Yeah I'm chasin' up to heaven - Chase into the sky
      Oh I'm livin' for my music and with it I'll never die

      You are just another slowpoke with a house and a car
      But you, you dare to judge me - Who do you think you are ?
      You just makin' me sick with ya tory attitude
      You better back off - Believe me dude

      And now you're sittin' at home - full of fright
      'Cuz ya daughter is beein' at my show tonight
      You imagine all the things that happen there
      All the sex, the drugs - But I don't care

      Try to change my mind - But motherfucker, you're wastin' your time

      Call me idiot, call me fool - I'm a disregarded genius, 'cuz I never liked the school
      Keep in mind, don't forget - This is my life and I've got nothing to regret
      Ready to rock, ready to roll - I rather fly high instead of runnin' low
      Don't you doubt me, let it be - 'Cuz I am the music and the music is me

    5. Don't Stop the Booze


      No idea - why I am here
      Got too much whisky 'n' too much beer
      I always drink until I drop
      Mother warned me, but I can't stop

      My liver left me long time ago
      Where she's been gone - I don't know
      But see - I always treated her well
      Now I'm drinkin' all alone - Got no reason to tell

      Beer 'n' whisky - vodka 'n' wine
      'N' some more stuff I cannot define
      A great selection and I've got to chose
      However I decide - don't stop the booze

      Booze - Booze - Don't stop the booze
      Booze - Booze - Don't stop the booze
      The call of liquer that I can't refuse
      Crame me with beer like a christmas goose

    6. Crumbs & Pipes


      Life's laggin' of progress - Life is laggin' of fun
      Got no idea, which way to run
      You're feelin' dumb - ya whole life's a riddle
      You always drink too much and think too little

      Ya pockets are empty and there seems no light
      To tame ya hunger you put some crumbs in your pipe
      Anesthetized problems wake up twice as hard
      With broken wings and a way so far

      The trouble you went through and the disgrace you're in
      You're stickin' in bullshit - Yeah you've always been
      Too stubborn to give up - To fail to that mess
      So rather piss on the past and kick ya destiny's ass

      It's so disappointing, dreams are turning to smoke
      All they've once promised, now appears like a joke
      No matter what's comin' - Face that crap with a smile
      First steps ain't not easy - Take my hand for a while


      If you wanna suceed, you have to try
      There's no wall too massive no there's no hurdle too high
      You'd like to get to heaven - Leave the pain behind
      Reach me your hand and we can fly


    Die sechs Songs pusten Dir den Staub von den Stiefeln und lassen den Hörer verschwitzt zurück. Rocken was das Zeug hält, laut, dreckig und rau. So muss Rock ‘n’ Roll klingen!

    - -

    … geht sofort ab, wie ein Rennpferd mit einem Schwarm Wespen im Nacken.

    - -

     Die junge Frankfurter Band Mind The Gaep fackelt in der folgenden halben Stunde ein dreckig-rotziges Rock ‘n’ Roll-Feuerwerk allererster Kajüte ab!

    - -

    Erdiger Rock, direkt auf die Zwölf, die (leider!) nur 6 Tracks umfassende EP klingt einfach nach Vollgarparty …

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